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About us

PINK DELICE springs from our abiding passion, enthusiasm and interest in the very best things in life such as gastronomy, different cultures, countries, customs and beliefs.

 It is our goal to provide something different, something personal, something that would inspire us as well as our customers.

 Our gourmet profile can best be described as simple but elegant, inspiring new gastronomic ideas which will allow you to captivate and share pleasures with friends, family and loved ones.

 These exclusive products will richly reward those who are tempted by the good things in life. 

As we are ruled by our emotions, so too will our delicacies provide new taste sensations. 

Would you like new aromas and textures to trigger nostalgic memories of the past? 

To relive those wonderful moments of people and places that are so special to you?

 With our recommendations of flavours and sensations we hope to delight and surprise you with the sheer luxury and exclusivity of our high-quality products.

 Thank you for having chosen us and it would be a pleasure to see you soon again in our world of gourmet luxuries.


Best wishes and greetings from your friends at PINK DELICE

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