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Shipping methods

Tax and Shipping

All prices shown on our website include VAT.

This website is reserved for customers aged 18 years and over and the user declares that he or she is an adult.

Shipping charges are added separately at the end of your order, as they depend on the weight and delivery address.


Transport Costs

Iberian Peninsula & Portugal:

0 a 5 kg

5 a 10 kg

10 a 15 kg

15 a 20 kg

20 a 25 kg

25 a 30 kg

30 a 35 kg

35 a 40 kg

8,00 €

11,00 €

13,00 €

15,00 €

17,00 €

19,00 €

22,00 €

24,00 €


Balearic Air Transport:

1 kg

2 kg

3 kg

4 kg

5 kg

6 kg

7 kg

8 kg

9 kg

9,00 €

12,00 €

14,00 €

17,00 €

19,00 €

24,00 €

29,00 €

32,00 €

35,00 €










10 kg

11 kg

12 kg

13 kg

14 kg

15 kg

16 kg

17 kg

18 kg

38,00 €

45,00 €

48,00 €

50,00 €

53,00 €

56,00 €

63,00 €

65,00 €

68,00 €










19 kg

20 kg

21 kg

22 kg

23 kg

24 kg

25 kg



71,00 €

73,00 €

80,00 €

85,00 €

87,00 €

89,00 €

91,00 €





Valid for Countries:

Germany,Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Holland, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic and Switzerland.

0 a 2 kg

2 a 5 kg

5 a 10 kg

10 a 15 kg

15 a 20 kg

20 a 25 kg

26,00 €

38,00 €

45,00 €

52,00 €

62,00 €

66,00 €


IMPORTANT notice for mailing to SWITZERLAND:

Transport prices for Switzerland include cost of transportation and insurance, but NOT tariffs, local taxes and other import costs, which are borne by the customer on arrival.


IMPORTANT notice for UK Deliveries:

It is not possible to deliver to the Isle of Man, nor to the Channel Islands.


For all other destinations not listed consult

Free shipping within Spain (Peninsula) for orders over € 200, (excluding transportation cost).

We do not ship to PO Boxes.



Once the order is confirmed, delivery time is normally 2-3 business days to destinations in Spain (Peninsula) and Portugal and 5-7 working days for the countries mentioned in the list above.


Shipping Products Abroad

For the time being we only ship to Spain (Peninsula and Balearic Islands), Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Holland, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic and Switzerland.

For other destinations, please send an email to with an order clearly indicating the complete shipping address and your personal data. We will contact you to inform you of the viability of your order and shipping costs. We will not complete your order until we receive written confirmation that you accept the total cost and we have processed your order.


Limited number of bottles

For shipments outside Spain only, European legislation states that alcoholic beverages can only be imported for personal consumption. Regrettably this limits overseas orders to a maximum of 12 bottles per order.



To ensure maximum satisfaction and guarantee delivery, we work with MRW, a logistics company specialising in "e-commerce". MRW will be in charge of the order throughout.

All shipments will be properly packaged and protected in cardboard boxes.


Availability of Products

In principle, all products in our store are available. However as indicated in the product details some products which are handmade or seasonal may have limited production.

In the unlikely event that a product is unavailable we shall contact buyers immediately either to suggest an alternative item or to refund the full amount of the missing product.


Delivery Schedule

The delivery of your package is the responsibility of the MRW company, and we are unable to specify an exact delivery time.

We recommend therefore that you provide an alternative address, for example your work address, and a telephone number where you can be contacted.

The normal MRW delivery schedule is Monday through Friday from 8am to 7pm.


What happens if I am out when MRW brings the package?

If the carrier attempts to deliver the package and there is no-one to receive it, MRW will leave a note confirming that they have tried to deliver the order.

You should contact MRW as soon as possible (especially if your order contains fresh produce) using the phone number in the note in order to agree a new delivery date and time.

For any problem remember that we are available to assist at or by telephone at +34 93 650 19 40.


To Returns and Exchanges see the Terms and Conditions.

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